Underequipped Police Force

An Underequipped police force makes for an ineffective police force

We are taught from a young age that the police are there to serve and protect, and all you need to do is call 9-1-1. Public servants will swarm to your location and save you. Is this the full story? A search for “Underfunded Police Dispatch Centers” tells an entirely different story. If you live in Baltimore you are more likely to be put on hold than actually reach a dispatcher. In Dallas your dispatcher may fall asleep on you. If you’re a firefighter in Michigan you may die from inadequately equipped dispatch centers. In Atlanta you could drown while telling a dispatcher your exact location. 9-1-1 exists to serve and protect the community. Whether that be through police, fire, or emergency medical services.

How can 9-1-1 do their job if dispatchers can’t do theirs? These are the questions I hope to answer today. But first let’s look at this logically:

Serve and Protect

Receive and Dispatch

A and B

C and D

As a society we’ve accepted that the job of the public servants is to serve and protect: Police prevent and investigate crime; firefighters prevent and fight fires; EMT assist in medical emergencies. I believe these are necessary functions to keep society safe. You may ask, “Eric, how is this an issue of logic?”

We represented our arguments as A and B and C and D. Police, Fire, and EMT have limited ways of knowing an emergency is present without a dispatch center. Thus, the logical argument:

C and D then A and B


-C and –D then –A and –B

This where the problem lies. Granted there are problems with the police force, but if they can’t be effectively dispatched the good they can accomplish will never be felt.




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Off the Cuff 06.2

We must be brave in the face depravity. In this bravery we must respond with humanity lest we be defeated by the ideology that is targeting what is in our minds. We must continue with our lives, not forgetting, but remembering the lives of those who were taken and honoring them by not stopping in our paths. No war waged against has been so brutal and senseless, and no war waged against our homeland has had any success.