Alton Sterling & Philando Castile

Alton Sterling & Philando Castile died without good cause. Human life was snuffed out for no viable reason.

Will deadly police shootings stop? Are we starving the dogs by not holding them accountable for their actions?

These two cases are tragedies and the officers need to be held accountable. Regrettably, there are no laws on the books that restrict the use of force by officers of the law. These officers can walk away without facing justice.

Join me on the eighth episode of “Off the Cuff” as we delve into these two unjustified shootings by police officers and dare to answer questions about how we allow policing to be accomplished. Congress needs to step in and create laws that hold officers responsible for the way they do their jobs. The courts need to step in and answer the call of the people for justice to be administered. Our voice needs to be heard. Justice must happen.



Off the Cuff 07

On the seventh episode of Off the Cuff ask if college campuses should be allowed to skirt Title IX responsibilities through settlements. If we created a system where schools faced steeper financial losses for failing to properly seek justice for sexual crimes could we help eliminate the culture by which people are sexually assaulted and then subsequently quieted? If someone was murder on a campus you bet they’d immediately seek justice! Join me for thirteen minutes as I seek to answer these questions.