LMOC 004

Leading causes of death:

Heart disease: 614,348

Cancer: 591, 699

Deaths in 2015:

Police: 1,186

Automobile Accidents: 19,000 (in 6 months)


These numbers tell us that we are fighting the wrong issues. We are expanding our energy over a problem that is small. Those arguments are erroneous. Even one death (that is not justified) at the hands of an officer is too much. Police should be experts in saving life’s, not taking them. There is too much money on the table for things to change unless the voice of the people rises to a deafening roar –especially the white peoples voice. If you are mentally ill or black you are more likely to be killed by police. It doesn’t matter your race or the content of your brains chemistry: you are human and have the right to life unless you’ve forfeited the right by placing the life of another in danger of being taken, or worse yet have taken. We need to rise above the normalness and transcend normalcy. One voice. One purpose. One people.



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Vote For Everyone: Vote Against Yourself

What is government itself but the greatest of all reflections on human nature? If men were angels, no government would be necessary. If angels were to govern men, neither external nor internal controls on government would be necessary.

James Madison

One thing that is constant in elections is a hot issue people use to base their vote off. For conservatives it is either gun control or abortion for democrats it is almost always a social issue (i.e welfare, healthcare, etc.). While it is necessary that all opinions be processed in order to reach a more perfect representation of the needs of the people, let me be very clear in saying that this selfishness of voting to save the lives of the unborn or to further the plight of those who are in poverty greatly burden my own ability to pursue happiness. You, see when Republicans spend all their time fighting abortion and gun rights and Democrats spend all their time creating welfare programs I – a living breathing human being – am left in the crossfire paying 30% of my income in taxes, pulling my money into a social security program I’ll never see, I watch as police take the lives of my fellow citizens in the streets I love to walk, and nobody is doing anything important. Helplessly I wonder if I’ll see the first war on American soil since 1861. If you want to stop abortion don’t rely on a legislature, rely on education. If you want help someone out of poverty find one person and help them – be the change you want to see. You want your rights to own a gun, support the proper education of firearms and create an environment in your community where teach proper gun use is encouraged. The Government exists to govern, not to solve every problem we have as a society. What is a society, but a group of people. You have a community by your side that you can impact and save lives in, do not throw that influence to the dogs of Washington. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are reflections of every one of this society’s desires – yes, even yours. There are 318.9 million Americans in this country, more than enough to solve a gigantesque amount of issues held dearly by each other. Your selfishness is crushing my happiness, and the happiness of millions. Vote for everyone.

The facts on abortion:

A study in 2005 showed that 74% of women had an abortion because a child would interfere with a woman’s education, work or ability to care for dependents. 73% said they couldn’t afford the child. Only 48% said they were didn’t want to be a single mother and were having relationship problems. An article published in 2016 stated that 98.3% of abortions were elective (having nothing to do with rape, incest, or the threat of losing life). They used data from 7 states ranging from 1999-2014 –perhaps, the most comprehensive data we have. Effectively women can’t afford to have children, so they abort the child. In this society we teach one another take care of themselves before another. In the case of a pregnancy, when you realize you can’t take care of yourself, what are your options: abortion or adoption. About 100,000 children are adopted each year. There are 120,000 orphans in the United States and 400,000 children living without permanent families. Abortion seems the better option for the child. However, we are still left with a surplus of 20,000 children a year not adopted and 400,000 children without a permanent family. Why should someone bring a child into existence that could become one of the 420,000? Vote for everyone.

The facts on gun violence:

Gun violence is a real issue. A firearm is the cleanest way to kill a person. It is also a weapon of intimidation. We all have the right to bear arms; we do not have a right to turn those arms on each other in the moment of passion. 12,942 people were killed in the United States in 2015 (up to December 23) by guns. That is .00407% of the population. In 2014 14% of Americans died from drug overdose, that number was 1.5 times higher than the number of deaths in car accidents. The constitution already grants us the right to bear arms it is our duty to be responsible with this right. While I would argue that the number of deaths in gun related incidents is plenty low, many wont. .01028% of Americans died in car accidents last year, which is a total of 32,675 people. Nearly twice the number of people died in a car than by a gun, why are we not protesting the slow progress of self driving cars and looking to take all non-automated cars off the street? The solution to guns is education. People must learn the proper respect and ways to handle a firearm. We do not need a legislature to do this; you and I can in our communities. If each person grabbed two neighbors and they were dedicated to proper education of firearms we’d eliminate this problem. Vote for everyone.

The facts on welfare:

There are over 500,000 homeless people in the United States. There are 318 million citizens. If everyone reached out and helped a homeless person get back on their feet homelessness would be eradicated.

109,631,000 Americans are living on welfare. 34.48% of Americans are reliant upon welfare. In 2011 we spent 1.03 trillion dollars on welfare. That’s twice the amount our defense budget was in 2013. Welfare is an education problem, and my very first Off the Cuff episode presented an idea for solving this problem. With better education a person becomes qualified for a better job. Welfare should be a crutch to help the broken leg heal correctly. There is a point where they should be cast off. Of course some times a person needs a crutch for longer, but usually they upgrade to a cane, but usually this is if their rehab failed.

Social security is broken; many that are paying into it will never see their money profit them in retirement. By the year 2023 Social Security will run out of money. This is entirely a problem of foresight, as no one was ready for the baby boomers to hit retirement. However, at this point we should abandon the outdated idea of social security and replace it with something new or allow the citizens to help their parents retire.

Healthcare has become more a burden than dying from a fever. With costs rising drastically each year the sick and dying are left to foot the bill. Part of this is the fault of the affordable healthcare act and part is the fault of rising medical equipment costs (i.e the cost of operating a medical facility). In 2013 an average of $9,086 was spent per person on healthcare. These prices are only rising. 50% of United States workers make less than $30,000 a year. 10% of their income is going to health care. The affordable health care act has successfully seen 90% of Americans insured. However, when demand is high and supply is low, prices rise. This simple fact of capitalism tells us that not enough options exist for Americans when it comes to healthcare. Vote for everyone.

The takeaway:

We face greater threats than how to pay the doctor, even greater threats than “Will little Susie abort her child.” We are a country with a target and the government cannot effectively protect us if we are clamoring for them to live for us. Police are slaughtering citizens and no one is effecting change.

On November 8, 2016 many of us will go to the polls and cast a vote for leaders to represent our issues. If you vote on one issue that is important to you then you have endangered your fellow Americans. We must choose leaders that allow us to effectively work as a society. They must lift the oppressive programs that restrict us from providing for each other, and allow everyone to breath. Punish the police departments that are abusing their power and protect us from foreign threats. However, let us be American. There is not a threat we have failed in overcoming. Yet, we will succumb to each other if we don’t end the selfishness. A vote for everyone means that we vote for the issues which cannot be changed within the community. It requires citizens to take ownership of their country and not look towards government to solve problems. This is after all how we became a nation. Eventually we stopped asking King George to let us go and forcefully removed ourselves from the equation, creating a country where no one should have to forcefully remove themselves from a situation, because they had all the power and not one man.

Transcend normalcy




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Gun Rights

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Off the Cuff 11

Chipotle is in the news for all the wrong reasons. If this corporation is guilty of wage thefts they are also guilty of human rights violations and should be shut down. Consequently, we as human beings need to learn to say, “No”. A job, a relationship, is not worth sacrificing the core of who you are. Where are we as a society that we would turn a blind eye to the actions of a corporation and to the needs of fellow human beings?