LMOC 012 Education

Happy Thanksgiving from Logical Moderation (Off the Cuff).

Today’s episode is going to focus on education. The goal is to define what I mean when I offer education as a solution (to everything). This particular episode is a companion to Human Rights: What Are They? Both of these episodes go far in explaining the particular world view I use in dissecting our society and the problems that we have allowed to grow into monsters. Our education determines how we view human rights and choose to solve the problems they represent.

LMOC 011 Human Trafficking: Sex Trade

Human Trafficking: Sex Trade

            Sex is a basic function of all beings. The primary function of which is to procreate. In the animal kingdom procreation is typically the only function of sex. However, for human beings sex is more than a reproductive function it is a means to gain intimacy with another human being, relieve stress, satisfy desires, and even exercise. Satisfaction of desires is what has created an industry of sex A’ La Carte, and strict laws have hidden it in America.

We know very little about the extensiveness of the sex trade in America. Which makes what we know all the more startling. Atlanta, Georgia has a sex economy of over 290 million dollars. Pimps in Atlanta make 32,835 dollars a week tax-free. That is more than some people make in an entire year, before taxes. Those numbers show just how lucrative the business is. It also tells us how attractive it can be. Who wouldn’t want to make a years income in one week?

According to Do Something there are 14,500 to 17,500 people trafficked in the U.S (about 80% of them for the sex trade) a year. This adds up to 11,600 to 14,000 people in the U.S are trafficked for the sake of sex. This doesn’t include low-key prostitution such as street prostitution. These numbers do not seem very high, and when compared to the 320 million U.S people living in the U.S we reach a .00004% figure. However, the fact remains that 11,600 to 14,000 individuals and families are impacted: that is 11,600 to 14,000 too many.

This practice occurs in your backyard: teenage girls are targeted by gentlemen who prey on their need to be wanted, and then force these young women into sexual acts for purpose of making a profit. They use manipulation and violence to entrap, as they sell, and sell. The system is built on finding young girls from broken families who crave love or to be desired. Most of these women are not approached and within five minutes asked if they want to have sex for money. They fall in love with their pimp, who then abuses the relationship and forces them into having sex for money. Violence and threats can be used to keep the arrangement going or Stockholm syndrome takes over. The justice system is law and ineffective in reacting to this problem, as laws target the prostitute more than the pimp.

Pimps are perhaps some of the most despicable human beings on the planet. They justify the sale of sex as a women’s right to use her body for money. You will hear them say things such as, “When a women learns she can give it away for money, why would she give it away for free?” A women’s body is the vessel by which these pimps make money (Human Rights: What Are They). In Chicago, Illinois an event called The Players Ball is held. Pimps bring their girls and show them off. The women are told to look at the ground and cannot look up. This practice sounds like something cattle farmers in the Plains would do to show off their livestock prior to selling.

“All women are either a prostitute or a whore. The definition of a prostitute is a woman who sells her pussy for money. A whore fucks for free.” –Tricked

We live in a country that champions abortion as a women’s right to do what she wants with her body, but reacts poorly to men enslaving women’s bodies for their own wants and desires. This is illogical.


            The solution to this problem is two fold: 1. The justice system needs to be freed and 2. Parents need to understand their role.

The justice system is broke. A woman should have the right to use her body however she wants. If she desires to sell it for money, that is her right. Not only are pimps abusing women, but also so are the laws trying to protect them. No one has the right to oppress another’s rights. Prostitution should be legalized so we can go after the men exploiting, and not the women. The pimps who are enslaving these women are the ones who need to be eliminated from the picture. The laws, and pimps, are not the entire problem.

Parents need to realize, and accept, the needs of their growing children. If they do not give the love and show desire their children will seek it from other people, and via other means. We cannot blame this problem entirely on the pimp. A vicious cycle of need and manipulation is created when human beings are left behind. We live in a culture where work and sleep dominate our days. Time is little, and if you are married and have children the time available to pour into your children is small. As they grow it is easier to let them become autonomous and take care of themselves. Yet, people do not realize that the age of 5 is the most impressionable period of a child’s life, and puberty is the time of their most need. Every human being wants to be desired. Men and women require different ways to feel desired. These young women who are preyed on by pimps come from families where their parents are after thoughts, and the man they meet offers them something they desperately need: desire. This opens the door for manipulation, which feasts upon imbalance.

Finally, we learned a few episodes back that prosecutors are responsible for the severity of convictions. Prosecutors do not have the power to put pimps behind bars, because they lack the necessary laws and witnesses. We need to equip our courts with the means to forgive the prostitute and stomp upon the pimp.

Transcend Normalcy


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LMOC 010 Human Rights: What Are They?

Human Rights: What Are They?

We’ve spent nearly twenty episodes discussing human rights violations; today I believe it would be beneficial to define human rights. The simplest, and widely accepted definition of human rights is “Rights you have for being human.” This definition is vague and does not help anyone. Do I have the right to rape women, because as a human I need, and enjoy sex? If you existed in the mid 20th century you’d be justified in this belief, but the courts wouldn’t entirely agree. This creates the necessary question, human rights: what are they?

Simplistic definitions are good if you are teaching kindergartners. They exist as building blocks to reach a fuller understanding of an issue. However, the design of this pod cast is for intelligent adults to engage themselves and become aware of issues that are hidden.

Rights are inherent. You possess them by nature of being. A fish has the right to swim in water because this is an inherent part of their function of being. A fish did not earn the ability to swim, or breath in water, his existence is not a privilege; it is a right by the nature of being. Thus, a human being has certain rights that are inherent. Law or the actions of another human being cannot take rights away. They can be suppressed or abused. Abuse does not remove a quality and suppression holds down. The most controversial right is the right to life. Many argue every human being has the right to life; however, people can be killed. Their right to life can be taken away. This right does not exist. Humans do, however, have the right to exist and survive. This is why we have the right to bear arms, and no one can take this away (yes, they can take guns away, but a weapon aimed at killing can be crafted from anything). Human beings have the right to defend themselves. Most of our defense in this age is verbal, but at times physical defense becomes necessary. So then, what does it mean to be human?

Philosophy has always been at odds over the definition of humanity. Most of the argument lies in consciousness and rational thought. I live with two cats, they are very conscious and aware: every time I come home they are at the front door to greet me. If they were not conscious of my smell, and habits, they’d be clueless as to when I arrive and would wholly depend upon voice commands and vision. Animals also possess a degree of rational thought. Again, my two cats (cats are not socially adept, and often create problems due to poor social skills) get along very well, and it is evident that they have rules for their interaction. For example, when one isn’t in the mood to play he acts passively, and the other respects this and goes about to do his own thing. It is at this point I will anger all philosophers; there is no concrete definition of humanity outside of choice. There is nothing that completely separates us and places a crown of superiority on our head outside of choice. We exist at the top of the conscious ladder and possess incredible rational abilities. This, indeed, separates us from animals but does not make us human. The best argument for humanity lies in the theory of predispositions. This theory is used to defend the religious belief in God. If a human being has more control over their predispositions (creating the ability to change) we would begin to craft a complete picture of humanity. (I define predispositions at length in this episode).

What does all this mean? Rights are inherent; they exist by the nature of being. No man, law, or animal can take away your rights –though, they can be abused or suppressed. The test for rights exists is whether they can be taken away. We used the example of death: you can be killed, and thus don’t have the right to life. You have the right to dignity: someone may treat you poorly, but you can walk away and leave the situation. You have the right to work for whatever wage you choose and whomever you choose. The definition of human rights violations I use on this pod cast deals entirely with the abuse or oppression of choice. By the nature of being human we can overcome our predispositions and redefine who we are. My cats are conscious, and rational, but they are limited in their abilities because they cannot transcend the coding in their brains that demands they are a cat and this is what cats do. To be human means you can choose! It means, as long as you do not abuse or oppress another humans choice, you can do or be whatever you want.

LMOC 009

Election 2016


This is an election cycle that has frustrated many people. John Oliver has talked about the election on every episode of Last Week Tonight since he aired the infamous “Make Donald Drumpf” episode. Late Night television has mercilessly attacked the Republican nominee. Even Saturday Night Live couldn’t avoid the bandwagon. The Federal Bureau of Investigation has played their part, and mud has been slung in epic proportions.

Hillary Clinton has the integrity of Swiss cheese and Donald Trump less class than a pack of angry Kindergartners. These candidates are direct reflections of our society. They mirror the worst parts of us as Americans. Yes, even you and I are responsible for people we do not support, respect, or even reflect our values.


”The power to change or affect someone or something: the power to cause change without directly forcing them to happen.” You wield immense influence. There are people in your life that create versions of themselves based on you. Many times we say to ourselves, “My opinion don’t matter, there is no way for me to make proper change, I don’t have the power.”

Perhaps, you have a friend who one day will wield immense influence over a swath of people and an idea/theory you have could be the missing ingredient to change. If you remain silent in the defeatist attitude of depression you’ll never speak, they’ll never hear, and our society will never benefit.

Clinton and Trump exist as the next possible President of the United States because too many people with integrity and class remained silent, or bent their will to the will of the mob. They voted for the lesser of two evils.

Logically the lesser of two evils is still the sum of evil. If you cannot justify voting for a candidate you should not vote for them period. Imagine if everyone did this. We’d stop seeing political ads that attempt to pain the opponent as the worse choice of the two. We’d have real choices. This democratic republic derives all of its power from the people, and it is time the people stopped whining and started acting.